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“I am very impressed with Manoj’s gift of facilitation and clear thinking. He is passionate about the values behind the ideas and is able to stimulate and inspire ownership of the values beyond the ideas.”

image description Dr William Wan, General Secretary
World Kindness Movement & Singapore Kindness Movement

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Our humble beginnings…

In 2005, after about 3 years of conducting professional and organization development initiatives, our founder, Manoj Sharma, received a request from a major corporation in Singapore, for us to assist them with their Customer Service needs.

While doing his due diligence, he took an in-depth look at the Service landscape in Singapore, inclusive of both public and private initiatives that were supporting it. Based on his experience with the Walt Disney Company and more importantly, his own personal experience and observations, Manoj realized that how service was being approached and how it possibly needed to be approached were actually quite far apart.

It was clear that while the technical (systems driven) components of service had seen significant progress over 4 decades, the non-technical (human) components seemed to have taken many steps backwards. Service had become absolutely templated and hugely transactional. To compound matters, organizations tended to view service as something that took place at the perimeters of the organization and thus tended to pay it “lip service”.

Manoj therefore created his first prototype service program (now called Awakening The Heart Of Service Excellence) – an initiative designed to transform Mind Sets, re-catalyze the heart and re-establish service as the core value proposition.

5 years later, this prototype resulted in an entire “Creating A World Class Culture Of Service Excellence” framework which included Service Skill Sets and Business Sets. This framework was further complemented with Measuring Your…[more]

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